School Transformation

Urros works to impact learning in children.

Urros did a school transformation project for a rural village school called Bodhi School, Narayankhed, Telangana, at the request of the School Board.

School improvement is a time-bound programme done on the behest of the school Board. The approach is to do a quick diagnostic, evaluate alternative solutions and implement the recommendations. The end goal is to improve the learning levels and the learning environment at school.

Bodhi School – Bodhi is a rural school for low-income parents in Narayankhed, Telangana. Urros implemented multiple strategies over 4-6 month for the school. The need areas and urgent problems of the school were identified and alternative solutions were evaluated. Based on the needs, more than 100 recommendations were implemented within this period. The program resulted in drastic improvement in the learning environment of the school, 25% financial efficiency, better monitoring, increased parent communication and engagement and 10% jump in learning.

The project was completed by hiring a school leader for the school to take the school forward.

Examples of school improvement strategies:

Staffing – Hiring of Assistant teachers to support in pre-primary as teachers were not able to give sufficient time to individual children.
Parent Engagement – Monthly newsletter to be sent to parents for greater communication.
Teacher Training – Training for teachers in class management.
Learning Aids – Introduction of newspapers for middle school children.
Teacher Training – Introduction of preparatory period for teachers to prepare for next days lesson. As many teachers were unable to prepare at home for various reasons.
Learning levels – Grade 1 and 2 children were weak in reading. Lower level reading books were made available to help them bridge the gap quickly.
Teacher Training – Every alternate saturday for teacher training was introduced to help teachers upgrade their skills.