Edspace – a recruitment platform for education and social sector.

While working on launching a chain of budget schools, teacher recruitment for schools distributed in Tier II and Tier III towns turned out to be a huge challenge. This was the space Urros started its work, aiming to solve a problem, in a defined time and budget. The quest was to find a scalable recruitment product.

The focus segment to begin with was schools and education organisations given the volume and pattern in teacher employment and knowledge of the segment.

Edspace worked on simplifying the recruitment problem for schools in urban spaces in its initial phase. There were schools looking for teachers and there were teachers looking for school jobs easily but had to depend on their teacher network. What was required was a easy, convenient and cost effective support to both sides. Though there were many innovative solutions for technology companies, there were hardly any for social sector and education companies.

Edspace job platform prototype was launched in Mar 2015. Edspace organised a database of more than twenty five thousand education professionals. The job openings were broadcasted to the job aspirants. Edspace listed between 300-400 jobs within six months from schools and education companies. Edspace reached out to 150-200 schools.

Remote and flexi jobs:
There is both need and scope to create space for remote jobs in India and greater flexibility in jobs. We hope these untapped areas will gain greater focus in future.

While working on Edspace talent matching platform, we were invited to do a school transformation project and recruit the right school leader for the school.

Edspace focus has been inclusive education. A rural school transformation project was a fit in the inclusive education theme.