Reading is integral to learning. It is important to improve that foundational skills are being learnt at the right age. Research says that if a child is not reading fluently by grade 4, it is a slow process for them to become fluent readers in higher grades.

Reading good books improves language, knowledge, values, mindsets and overall growth.

Urros Education is creating illustrated short story books to help children read and learn. The focus is on English and vernacular languages. These are fresh, warm, illustrated, new, original, international, cultural, knowledge-rich stories. Every story is a magical ride into the world of imagination to land the young reader eventually on a firm ground of language.

We have created more than 16 story books/poems for different ages and under different themes.

English Titles

Rhea and Toto
Rhea has a doting family. She loves pets. She gets a new member to her pet family. But will Rhea stick to her promise and take care of her Toto. 

The beautiful but harsh mountain ranges are home for Blossom. She is as beautiful and gentle as the Himalayan breeze.

Kitty Courage
This story is about the super courage of a little kitty when she finds herself in a difficult situation. Read to find how nature creates gentle creatures with abundant courage.

Hindi Titles
Bahadur Billi

More as go along.