Urros is an edtech startup which aims to impact learning outcomes, processes and learning experiences. We started with the approach of impacting children directly (by creating products for children) or indirectly (by working with teachers, schools and other ecosystem stakeholders).

MagicBuuk and KidsMatter (beta)MagicBuuk is the publishing arm of Urros. We have created 16 illustrated storybooks and poems. Many more stories are in draft stage. We have published two titles in English. We have translated 2 titles in Hindi. MagicBuuks is the offline version of KidsMatter. KidsMatter (beta) is a digital platform for children with illustrated short stories, audiobooks and writing opportunities in multiple languages to catalyse language development and impact foundational language skills like reading, listening, speaking and writing. KidsMatter was conceptualised, designed, prototyped and the beta version was launched in Nov 2016 and was run till Mar 2017. Other than the 16 storybooks, 10 audiobooks for these stories have been created. The product needs growth capital.

Edspace – Edspace was a recruitment platform for schools and educational institutions for recruitment of teachers, school leaders and other education professionals. Edspace partnered with 20 education companies, 2 B.Ed colleges and listed more than 300 jobs within the first 4 months. Edspace was conceptualised, the tech platform was developed and launched in Mar 2015. We bought a database of 25,000 education professionals and used to broadcast them jobs via sms. 

Achievements and Success :
We believe that we have contributed our own bit in increased ecosystem focus on foundational skills in the education system, envisioning language learning with greater focus on skills like reading, writing, listening and speaking, greater focus on reading which is instrumental in both language and comprehension of topics in other subjects, using stories as a pedagogical approach, the possibilities with storytelling and importance of vernacular language in learning.

Thought, after all, is a pre-cursor to action.

We would also like to believe that we continue to contribute daily in helping children inculcate values and beliefs through our super story books.

We will continue to strive to create more learning opportunities for children and impact their learning in creative ways.

The work behind MagicBuuk and KidsMatter:

Reading is integral to learning. Research says that if a child is not reading fluently by grade 4, it is a slow process for them to become fluent readers in higher grades. Reading good books improves language, knowledge, values, mindsets and overall growth.

We have created illustrated short story books to help children read and learn. The focus is on English and vernacular languages. These are fresh, warm, illustrated, new, original, international, cultural, knowledge-rich stories. Every story is a magical ride into the world of imagination to land the young reader eventually on a firm ground of language. Books have been created for different age groups and different themes.

Published English Titles

Rhea and Toto
Kitty Courage (in progress)
Hindi Titles (not published yet)
Bahadur Billi

More as go along.