The Kurien Legacy

The Kurien Legacy Dr Verghese Kurien. The Milk Champion of India. Yes, I am talking about him. The first time I heard Dr Kurien was during a welcome address to the new batch of students. I was hardly aware of him or the institute much before that. Google was around though but not omnipresent. But … Continue reading The Kurien Legacy

Super Reader

Between every ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘ The End’ is the surprisingly rich and cognitive act of Reading. With every good story, the involvement and its consequent benefits, is on a variety of levels – Educational, Linguistic, Neurological, Psychological, Social. This is true for everyone, but especially crucial for kids and young adults. A … Continue reading Super Reader

Rising India

Rising India & swelling distance between educated and deprived Dreams of a better safer India is a constant haunting dream which raises its head in our active thought process daily when children step out of their houses for their routine school day. India is growing, maybe sluggishly for some, but it is definitely growing. The … Continue reading Rising India

Learning, not confined to classrooms

Learning: Confined Between Books & Classrooms The popular perception is that learning happens in schools alone. With such an approach, it becomes imperative for parents to ensure that their children attend school religiously with obsessive single mindedness in an attempt to maximize the learning opportunities available. Parents send their kids to school regularly and are … Continue reading Learning, not confined to classrooms