Urros Education values all its partners, clients and ecosystem stakeholders.

We thank are printing partners, book design company, publishers we have reached out to, store partners, schools and school principals, distributors, online platforms for their continued support. We thank our individual customers for their feedback on our books and helping us move forward in our vision and mission of helping children learn by using our books. We continue to explore new opportunities to increase the reach of our books.

Children’s Story Books
We thank our Writers, Editor, audiobook artist, illustrators, illustration companies for helping us create magical books. We continue to create new books.

We thank our current technology partner for  their continued support for KidsMatter and Urros sites.

School Transformation
We thank the Bodhi Education Society Board for the opportunity to work in their school.

We thank our partners and clients – private schools, B.Ed collleges, startups, education companies, non-profits, teachers, principals and education professionals.

We will continue to collaborate with organisations through our varied initiatives in different geographies.