Our Mission

To democratize education
To create learning opportunities for children
To work for equity in education opportunity

Learning & Skills 
Reading, listening, speaking and writing are the most fundamental skills required today. Research indicates that if a child is not reading fluently by Grade 4th, she might have difficulty reading into adulthood.

Learning Challenge
Learning gaps is a complicated recurring challenge characterized by size, spread, resource crunch, technology barriers and facilitator skillset.

Urros will create scaleable products to reach users  across urban-rural populations, varied income segments, across genders, tech aligned or non-tech aligned populations.

Meaningful products which impact learning in a sustainable manner. To create direct impact on learning outcomes, processes and learning experiences for children.

Urros works to impact children irrespective of income, location, language and technology access.

Blend of online and offline products and services for user experience. Unique content mix and an engaging technology platform for scale.