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Our vision is to create equal learning opportunities for all children.

Our Quests

• Learning levels in children
Reading, listening, speaking and writing are the most fundamental skills required today. Research indicates that if a child is not reading fluently by Grade 4th, she might have difficulty reading into adulthood. Learning gaps is a complicated recurring challenge characterized by size, spread, resource crunch, technology barriers and facilitator skillset.
• Inclusive Ecosystems
While new solutions are being crafted by innovative minds, many a times these solutions don’t reach far and wide and are confined to a small user base and population. Urros will both create and distribute solutions to people across urban-rural populations, varied income segments, across genders, tech aligned or non-tech aligned populations.

What we do

We design technology solutions to effectively impact the learning in children at scale. Creation & Distribution are both integral to our solutions.


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Teacher Development (yet to be launched)

Urros Education – The Rising Sun

Attempting to create more sunrises in individual lives.
Urros Education works on creating direct impact on learning outcomes, processes and learning experiences for children. Urros is an innovative edtech startup. Urros works to impact children irrespective of income, location, language and technology access. Urros has adopted a blended model for customer outreach, profitability and impact.


KidsMatter – Digital Library for Children

To enhance language skills using stories, audio books, creative writing & worksheets.

KidsMatter – Books in Indian Languages

To promote multilingual learning

Urros – Children’s Book Publishing

To promote availability of new curated illustrated children’s books

Edspace Jobs

To connect & match talent with opportunity in the education / social sector space.